Atlantic Way Alpaca Farm is a family run farm in Grange, North Sligo.

    Alpaca walks are available by appointment only, over 12’s
    We offer private alpaca experiences, alpaca walks . During lambing season there will also be baby lamb feeding and you may be lucky enough to see a live birth while on the farm. We will also have kid pygmy goats ( very cute). Please note that we are not an open farm so are not open regular days or hours. This means that your visit is tailored to your group.

    Alpaca walks are NOT available to children under 12yrs , yet they can accompany an adult walking an alpaca

    General Information
    We share our farm with cows, sheep , goats , ponies, alpacas, pigs and a donkey called Bernard. All our animals are very friendly and relaxed but safety is always high up on our list of priorities. All safety rules on the farm must be adhered to at all times.

    Hours: 11AM – 4.00 PM
    Phone: 086 8875992