Enjoy incredible dark skies and minimal light pollution while star gazing on the Wild Atlantic Way…

    The North Sligo Coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect spot for astro-photography and star gazing.

    Far away from the light pollution of Sligo’s small towns and villages, Ocean Heights Bed and Breakfast provides the perfect base for astronomy. Why not take your camera and/or telescope for a night out among the stars on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

    You can view a 360 view of the stars at night from Cloonagh Beach on photographer Jeff Starley’s website here: http://www.jeffstarley.com/Ireland_2015/cloonagh_beach_stars/index.html

    Our location is one of the few places in Ireland dark enough to see stars, planets, the Milky Way and many other galaxies with the naked eye. If your lucky you can even catch a live show from the Northern Lights.